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04.01.2022 - 04.06.2022 Vacation in Washington D.C.

04.07.2022 Private Event in San Francisco, CA

04.09.2022 Spring Livery Event in Danville, CA

04.09.2022 Lucky Devils Band in Mill Valley, CA

04.16.2022 Club 90 in San Ramon, CA

04.21.2022 Private Event in San Francisco, CA

04.23.2022 Vybe Society in Napa, CA

04.30.2022 Boneyard at the Boom Boom Room, SF, CA

05.02.2022 Hella Fitzgerald in Napa, CA

05.07.2022 Lucky Devils Band in Tinsley Island, CA

05.14.2022 Vybe Society in Carmel Valley, CA

05.15.2022 - 05.25.2022 Castles and Concerts in Basque Country, Spain

06.04.2022 Vybe Society in Sonoma, CA

06.09.2022 Private Event in Monte Rio, CA

06.10.2022 Private Event in Monte Rio, CA

06.11.2022 Club 90 in Palo Alto, CA

06.12.2022 - 06.19.2022 Jazz Camp West in La Honda, CA

06.25.2022 Lucky Devils Band in Walnut Creek, CA

06.27.2022 Lilan Kane in Monterey, CA

07.09.2022 Starfire GMG Event in Berkeley, CA

07.16.2022 Lucky Devils Band in Napa, CA

08.20.2022 Lucky Devils Band in Big Sur, CA

09.04.2022 Vybe Society in Petaluma, CA

09.14.2022 Marcos Silva Group in Berkeley, CA

09.17.2022 Lucky Devils Band in Woodside, CA

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