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Scott Thompson is a dedicated and accomplished musician, composer and educator. Whether he is touring in Brazil, leading workshops in Finland, or teaching bass master classes in the California Redwoods, Scott will show up prepared and motivated to help those around him sound better than ever!


Scott Thompson is an accomplished bassist and music educator who has performed, led workshops, and recorded with many world-class musicians including:

Fantastic Negrito, E-40, Chico Pinheiro, Natalie Cressman Band, Romero Lubambo, Too $hort, The Souls of Mischief, Ghostface Killah, Marcos Silva Group, Quarteto Jacaré, Dick Hindman Trio, Helio Alves, Tiago Costa, Rafael Vernet, Toninho Horta, Dani and Deborah Gurgel, Jovino Santos Neto, Kiko Freitas, Rafael Barata, Leny Andrade, Edu Ribeiro, and Omar Sosa. 


Scott has toured extensively throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Belgium, Finland, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Brazil. He is currently a band member with Fantastic Negrito, and will be touring with the band in the U.S. and Europe this upcoming Summer 2022. 

As a music educator, Scott has taught master classes/workshops/ensembles at the California Jazz Conservatory, the East Bay Center for the Performing Arts, UC Berkeley, Lafayette Summer Music Workshop, Jazz Camp West, California Brazil Camp, Stanley Intermediate School, the Helsinki Music Centre in Finland, and Festival de Música Instrumental de Teresina in Brazil.

Scott holds a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies from the California Jazz Conservatory in Berkeley, CA. He is currently a faculty member at the California Jazz Conservatory and the Jazzschool community music school.

Teaching a Bass Class at Jazz Camp West

photo credit: Rosaura Sandoval

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